Control & Distribution

The Control and Distribution system ensures that the converted supplies are available where required by the aircraft and provides key safety features. The design of the system is fully scaleable from a single spot solution, suitable for an OPV style vessel, up to a multi-spot aircraft carrier arrangement, all employing the same underlying technology.

A typical system will consist of AC and DC distribution and a number of socket boxes. The below diagram shows a typical 2 spot configuration suitable for vessels with a small flight deck and hangar.

The distribution boards control the converted supplies and monitor aircraft interlocks, ensuring that an aircarft is plugged into the system, as well as overloads, protecting both the aircraft and the power converters. Where limited converted supplies are available and it is necessary to feed multiple socket boxes from a single source, the distribution boards can manage the available power to provide maximum availability.

The aircraft is connected via socket boxes located in the hangar and on the flight deck, with both in-deck and bulkhead mounted options available. The socket box can be provided with operator controls on the box, usually found in a hangar, or a separate operator control station.

Our embarked aviation control and distribution equipment is operated by navies around the world, as well as being the backbone for the Royal Navy's aviation capable platforms.