Cables & Stowage

Whippendell Marine is able to supply a range of aircraft connection cables suitable for use in the marine environment.

Both AC and DC cables are available, at various current ratings. We can supply standard commercial specification cables or special cables to UK Def-Stan 02-642.

Def Stan cables are provided with round sockets at one end for connection to the ship supply (3 pin Dc and 7 pin AC). These are available as straight or right angle.

To complement the cables we also manufacture cable stowage reels. These are available as single or double reels for stowage of 1 or 2 cables up to 25m in length.

Def-Stan Cables

  • AC, 50A
  • AC, 130A
  • DC, 100A
  • DC, 300A
  • 14M Standard
Commercial Cables

  • AC : to 280A
  • DC : to 450A
Stowage Reel

  • 1 or 2 Cable
  • Up to 25M
  • Stainless Steel
  • Independant locking bolt