SFC 45

Ensuring the availability of high quality electrical power to embarked aviation assets is critical to naval aviation operations.

The Whippendell Marine 45KVA Static Frequency Converter (SFC) meets this requirement in a compact and reliable design, providing AC power to the standard of MIL-STD-704F.

The SFC is based on a COTS unit manufactured by a world leading supplier of aviation Ground Power Units (GPUs) and in service globally. The unit is modified by Whippendell Marine to meet the requirements of the marine and naval environment.

Utilising the latest solid state technology, the SFC is capable of providing sufficient power for modern fixed and rotary wing aircraft, with a comfortable margin for future expansion and a 400% overload tolerance.

The design is modular with no requirement for special tools which means that should the unit fail it is simpler to repair and has a mean time to repair of less than 20 minutes, a critical factor during flying operations. In addition the majority of recommended spares are already NATO codified, making demand ordering simple.

Whippendell Marine GPUs, combined with our control and distribution systems, are the ideal choice for all aviation capable platforms.


  • Voltage : 340V - 460V
  • Frequency : 50/60Hz
  • Current (PF=1) : 71A

  • Voltage : 3Ø 115/200V
  • Frequency : 400Hz
  • Power : 45kVA

  • 125% for 600 Seconds
  • 150% for 60 Seconds
  • 200% for 30 Seconds
  • 300% for 10 Seconds
  • 400% for 1 Second